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In May 2024, sponsors will have the special opportunity to be represented at a large student conference in the field of computational linguistics. The TaCoS is attended by up to 150 German and international students each year.

With the recent release of ChatGPT and the growing awareness of neural networks and AI, people around the world are more aware than ever about the role of computational linguistics to our society. The students who attend this conference are studying and working with some of the most pioneering technology of our time, and TaCoS is a unique opportunity for sponsors to support and connect with this versatile group of academics.


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About TaCoS

The Tagung der Computerlinguistik-Studierenden (TaCoS) was first organized in 1992 and takes place once a year. It offers students of computational linguistics and adjacent fields a chance to exchange views during talks and workshops.

The conference is hosted by teams of student volunteers at their university. This year's host is Universität des Saarlandes. Participants traditionally receive accommodation and breakfast in exchange for a small fee.

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